Private investigator in Leeds

Our detective agency will be happy to help you in any matter. Contact our private investigator in Leeds, England.

We have a reliable network of contacts in Leeds (England), thanks to which you can be sure that the case we are entrusted to will be carried out effectively with all standards and professional discretion.

Departments that operate in Leeds:

  • Surveillance and Findings Department
  • Searching Missing Persons Department
  • Criminal Cases Department
  • Family / Infidelity Department
  • Company Investigations Department
  • Computer Forensics Department

Examples of cases that a private investigator in Leeds deals with:

People disappear in England and around the world every day. Often the missing persons are our beloved ones and the loss is extremely painful. But there are also mysterious disappearances of people who owe somebody valuable things or have taken one’s property over illegally. Our private investigator will help you find them.

Private investigator Leeds - searching for missing children and adults

The disappearance of a loved one, especially when it is a child, causes great stress and concern for their safety. Uncertainty about our loved ones' whereabouts can be a constant worry and may often lead to a real tragedy. We offer parents and guardians effective help in looking for children, especially in cases where there is a suspicion of abduction or kidnapping by the other parent. We provide professional, fast and discreet actions to take the missing child back.

The search for missing persons requires professional methods due to the complexity and delicacy of the matter. Taking into account the nature of the case, we will look for missing persons who are hiding for various reasons, for heirs of property or old friends with whom you would like to reconnect. A private investigator will develop the best strategy, leading to the solution of the case.

Private investigators also search for a debtor's assets. With our help you will learn about the debtor’s real estate property, shares, property hidden or sold to close relatives. We will also disclose the sources of the debtor's income for the purposes of the case.

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